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    Making New Stars



    By setting aside nearly 13,000 m2 of space and cutting-edge facilities for the youth academy of the Club’s football division, Paris Saint-Germain has made its ambition abundantly clear: to give young talents the best possible chance to emerge, make progress and shine.



    The Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will offer talented young footballers, aged between 13 and 19, first-rate educational and sporting support. Joining one of the most high-performing academies in the world will represent a unique opportunity for them: benefitting from an ideal training and learning environment, from outstanding support and supervision, and from the chance to play alongside the professional football team – a source of inspiration and emulation.



    A LIVING AND WORKING SPACE The youth academy plateau will feature three main areas and buildings, in which talented young footballers will live and go about their daily duties:

  • the first will focus on the sporting side (fitness rooms and recovery areas, a medical treatment room, administrative offices and meeting rooms)
  • the second is where the players will be educated (classrooms, a computer room, a laboratory, a documentation and information centre, a staff room, living areas, nursing station, etc.). As for the younger academy players, they will be able to receive schooling in the collèges in neighbouring towns;
  • the third building will contain the accommodation facilities.

    through this program many young athletes will be able to shoot for a chance at making theri dreams cometrue

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